What is Thoracic Spine?

The word “thoracic” means pertaining to the chest, and the thoracic spine (also called the upper back or mid-back) is the portion of the spinal column that corresponds to the chest area.

Twelve vertebrae in the middle of the spine with ribs attached make up the thoracic spine. When viewed from the side, this section of the spine is slightly concave.

The upper nine ribs start at the spine, curve around and are joined at the front of the chest. Because the ribs are firmly attached at the back (the spine) and the front (the sternum), they allow for very limited motion in the spine.

The lower three ribs do not join together at the front, but do function to protect the vital organs while allowing for slightly more motion.


Symptoms of Thoracic Spine?

  • o If you are above 50 and sudden onset of severe pain or pain localized to spine .
  • o Pain due to recent fall or trauma.
  • o Pain in hip and leg.
  • o Back pain unrelated to posture.
  • o Bowel or bladder control problems.
  • o Numbness in the groin or rectal area.
  • o Extreme weakness in legs.
  • o Unsteadiness while walking
  • o Fever or weight loss accompanying the pain.
  • o Pain that does not lessen over time even after rest

Reasons for Thoracic Spine problems?

Back pain can be triggered when we sneeze, climb into a car, or bend down to pick up the newspaper.

Lack of motion or hina yoga of karma and bad posture may affect us when we sit or stand for long periods of time. On the other hand repetitive motion or Ati yoga of karma like too much of bending, lifting or twisting also affects our back.

Other potential causes for backache are:

  • • Being overweight
  • • Wearing high heeled shoes
  • • Carrying heavy weight

The vitiated vata causes stiffness of joints, pain and limits the movements of back.

Ayurveda and Thoracic Spine problems

Ayurveda Middle Back Pain Relief Instructions start with an assessment of your tissue. Stretch, release and assess if pain is completely relieved. If not,next step may be Chiropractor. Work with Ashwagandha and apply sesame oil to area of pain. It is also important to consider the tissue system as for example the bones. but in this case the thoracic spine is our concern.

In the joint space that means all joints in the body.

Visualize middle back pain and those are the joints you are concerned with today.